Eco Fire Starters of Wood Shavings – Wholesale

W u W Gmbh is a wholesaler and supplier of natural eco wood-burning stoves / barbecue lighters made of wood-wool that are impregnated in wax and not just sprayed. The hand-made eco wood wool lighters are of excellent quality.

A decisive advantage is the long burning time of up to 10 minutes and the resulting low consumption. Our product leaves no harmful residues and has an unlimited shelf life, as the lighters do not dry out.

We deliver any quantity, Europe-wide, at reasonable prices.

Characteristics of our eco wood wool lighter:

  • are handmade
  • are a pure natural product (FSC certified)
  • are unpressed with a high wax content
  • are impregnated in wax (not only sprayed)
  • smell of wood wool
  • Odourless burning (also ideal for the fireplace at home)
  • almost unlimited shelf life
  • suitable for all fireplaces with solid fuels
  • Long burning time of up to 10 minutes
  • are absolutely non-toxic, no outgassing
  • Safe ignition
  • can be stored at room temperature

Product Range

Fire starters of wood shavings

Packaging & Quantities

We are happy to offer you the following packaging sizes:

50 pcs. in bag (approx. 800g)

1kg, 2kg or 3kg bag

Is your packaging size not included? Then talk to us.

Each sales package is provided with an EAN code.

There are 33 pallets on the truck. The pallets are stackable and can be moved by pallet truck or forklift. A pallet floor height of 9 cm is taken into account.

Available Delivery

Europe-wide; delivery time: at least 10 business days, to all locations

WuW Core Competencies

  • 20 years‘ wholesale experience
  • A wide variety of solid fuels
  • A Europe-wide network and fast Europe-wide delivery times
  • Sales in all of Europe
  • Daily price comparisons across Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, and Switzerland
  • We buy, almost exclusively, directly from the source! No middlemen!

Our Customers

Industry, wholesalers, wood products manufacturers, super market chains, DIY shops, power stations, large combustion stations


Our staff are there for you, to take your order or to answer questions, in the countries listed on the “Our customer services team” page. Simply click on the appropriate e-mail address and you will be in immediate contact with someone who speaks that country’s home language.

Or call us at +49 30 474 884 30 or use our contact form.