Hard plastics - material recycling (Europe-wide)

W u W Wertstoff und Wastehandel GmbH is a company that has been active in the field of waste disposal throughout Europe for over 20 years.

We collect & hard plastics of various fractions - professionally and at favourable conditions.

We sort the hard plastics and recycle them as secondary raw materials.

IBC containers, drums, canisters - loose or pressed

  • The containers were filled with non-hazardous substances, then it is sufficient to empty them completely.
  • The containers were filled with dangerous substances, such as acids, ether, alcohol, etc. A rinsing certificate must be attached to this fraction.

In principle, the lids must be removed from these containers, but can also be delivered in extra packaging.


  • Either de-tached and demetallized
  • Or with axle and not demetallized
  • Loose or in bales, completely emptied

Plastic crates no longer usable

  • Aus der Bäckerei, Obstkisten, Fleischerei oder Getränkekisten

PE pipes

  • PE 80 + 100 pipes

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We would be pleased to take over the disposal of plastics for you (Europe-wide)!

WuW Core Competencies

  • 20 years‘ experience in waste management
  • Fast Europe-wide pick up and disposal

Our Customers

Building, demolition and transport companies, trades, wholesalers, municipalities (city waste management and recycling centres)


Our staff are there for you, to take your order or to answer questions, in the countries listed on the “Our customer services team” page. Simply click on the appropriate e-mail address and you will be in immediate contact with someone who speaks that country’s home language.

Or call us at +49 7254 77 44 144 or use our contact form.