Hard Coal

W u W GmbH is a wholesaler with a great deal of experience selling hard coal. We deliver in various quantities, Europe-wide, at low prices.

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Plaste and Ytong Waste Recycling

W u W Wertstoff und Wastehandel GmbH is a company that has been active in the field of waste disposal throughout Europe for over 20 years. We collect and dispose of gypsum and ytong waste professionally and at favourable conditions.

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Waste Wood Recycling

W u W Resource and Waste Management GmbH has been in the business of waste management for over 20 years, Europe-wide and on good conditions.

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Used tyres and waste rubber recycling

W u W Wertstoff und Wastehandel GmbH collect and dispose of used tyres and rubber professionally and at favourable conditions.

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Lignite - Wholesale

WuW GmbH is a wholesaler and supplier with many years of experience in the sale of coal dust. We buy directly at the colliery (without middlemen). This enables us to offer you the best possible price.

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Eco Wood wool lighter

We specialize in natural wood wool stove and fireplace lighters soaked in wax. The proportion of paraffin and wood is 50% each.

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- For 20 Years -

A European institution in recycling and fuel

+  Best prices thanks to Europe-wide contacts
+  Fast, Europe-wide delivery
+  Products are of the newest European DIN ISO norms

Today’s global markets demand a timely and efficient supply chain.  Precise logistics planning and execution is therefore essential.

For this reason, W u W GmbH works with experts who have tremendous experience in logistics. Whether it is road, water or rails transfer, we always find a good solution.

Keeping deadlines and promises is important to us, which our clients value.  We will gladly take on all the logistics organization in order to spare our clients the effort.